New wave, old wave, stone-age rock... whatever happened to just plain old punk? When did it become so up its' own arse that it ceased to be relevant anymore? If you're tired of wading through a seemingly endless swamp of genres and sub-genres created by journalists, scenestars and clueless wannabes, and you just yearn for that long ago time when punk rock was all about energy, great music, and knowing "which side of the bed you're lying on", then you're gonna love this.....

The Spittin' Vicars have all been punk rockers since the time when just saying so could get you a punch in the face!! Their pedigree is best showcased by the fact that they formed on tuesday and recorded their amazing debut 7''single, Oddball, on wednesday of the same week!! When that was hailed, in some quarters, as a new classic, the band set about recording their debut album, "The Gospel According To...", in which they have taken the twitching corpse of 70s punk and dragged it burping and spitting into the 21st century. You won't find any silly pop parts or macho metal shit here... just meaty, swaggering anthems that take their cues from such classic acts as the Dead Boys, the Vibrators, Cock Sparrer and the Clash.

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The band augment their live shows with an extra guitarist in the shape of virtuoso Tommy Snide (on loan from the Beatlesons) and animated bass monster Andi Social (The Disasters), thus enabling frontman John Codger to career around the stage like a possessed vaudevillian, and poser Vince Incredible to be the strutting guitar hero. And let's face it : you can't rock without drums can you? Providing the powerful, precision beats at the very heart of the band, the so-much-larger-than-life.. Vom Ritchie.

The Spittin' Vicars... which side of the bed are you lying on?